Precision tools
Over the time, we have acquired premium tools for a consistent and reproducible quality.

1 Evolventimeter
5 axles Klingelnberg P26 CNC; diameter: max. 260 mm

1Three-dimensional CNC
Fa.Ro. 3D Aster 400 measure: 400x400x400

1 Projector
Nikon with optical fibre and software Q5000, enlargements10X,20X,50X

1 Microscope
binocular with zoom and cold light

1 Electronic roundness measuring machine
Mahr Formtester MMQ10

1 Electronic roughness tester
motorized Mahr Perthometer S2

1 Electronic large-size durometer
Affri DRMC250 for HB,HR and HRC measurements

1 Electronic micro durometer
Future Tech FM300 motorized for HV measurements

1 Camera vision system
200X scanning and enlargements with JPG,BMP image export

1 Gear tester
200 mm wheelbase

1 Test-bed: wheelbase wheels – endless screws
150 mm wheelbase

2 Mitutoyo concentricity control devices
maximum lengh: 250 mm.
Bore measuring, micrometers, comparators, buffers
mechanical and electronical with data exit and printer